“The number and aesthetics of a health facility are important and so are the equipment and consumables it contains. But nothing can replace or compare adequately in value, with the quality of the human resources with which that institution is endowed; resources that are slowly built and ultimately give that institution its form, character and status.”

“To be accountable to the electorate who put a government in power is an important attribute of a truly democratic regime as good governance rests on accountability at all levels of government”

“Far too many people are too poor and have nothing to eat, nowhere to sleep, and no portable water to drink. Soaring unemployment remains the monster that it is, driving our youths, including University graduates into violence and other atrocities. Our environment is being destroyed by man’s activities in such a manner that it is doubtful if it would be able to support our future generations. Equity and fairness have still not been done to sections of our country which have borne the brunt of the exploitative activities by which our country has been sustained. To these extents therefore, Nigeria, is still not good enough.

“It is these atrocious actions of cult groups in university campuses, involving murder, hooliganism, barbarism, rape, stealing, blood-letting, by which cult groups have become identified, and which are totally bereft of any ennobling precepts, that make them unacceptable and mark them out for extirpation.”

“An overall improvement in the quality of education is crucial as a way out of the menace of cultism in Nigerian universities – improvement in the infrastructure of the learning environment as well as the quality of scholarship for which adequate financial provision has to be made. This will enable students who are admitted into universities to see such institutions as environments for the actualization of their dreams and not as theatres for warfare.”

“Respect for cultural diversity teaches tolerance and peace which is required for the advancement of prosperity and the well being of a people. Cultural diversity is necessary for humankind as Biodiversity is for nature.

Ethical promulgations, be they in Medicine, Law or Divinity – the three original professions, are inspirational statements, which serve as pointers to centrality of Love in the affairs of men. They bring us closer to the quintessential nature of God, even as they serve as the entity by which the Almighty God does no harm to us despite our sinful nature.”


“Established as an “uncommon university with commitment and mission”, few there are whose birth circumstances were healthier than RSUST, Nigeria’s premier University of Science and Technology…..but alas,  some childhood disorders came, due to some unfortunate failure of care, making the child to limp with his walks, whoop with his coughs, with skin covered with rashes and  muscles so spastic that they ached badly. Hope dimed, the future blurred and uncertainty reigned.  But, praise God, the child did not die….Thankfully,  happy days are here again with parents that love,  hug, embrace, kiss and show empathy.  That child, now adult, must reciprocate, reinforce and return the passion being lavished on him. He must stretch out his open arms for an embrace and return a smile that is strongly reassuring.”

“The abstinence and faithfulness which serve as main antidote to contracting HIV infection and life style of abhorrence of physical inactivity, refraining from cigarette smoking, and the avoidance of obesity that ward off many non communicable diseases and sustain good heart health are issues that depend largely on personal responsibilities.”

“Nigeria’s lack of total commitment to provide those conditions that would lead to equity and social justice and so reduce the level of violence and instability in the Niger Delta region has been most remarkable, qualifying the country to be considered as a failed state by some assessors.”

“Behind the well-known medical causes of death from torrential genital tract haemorrhage, generalized convulsions and systemic infections, among others, that kill women in and around pregnancy, there is a less appreciated wider web of poverty, ignorance and general underdevelopment that unpin the large number of maternal deaths in Nigeria”

“The health of its people is a nation’s greatest asset (and) poor health is a key index of human insecurity.”


“But it has been said that to be successful, you need to know more than other; work more than other and expect less than other (Shakespeare). In my case, I am not sure I know more than other nor do I feel I have I work(ed) more than other. But I accept that I have received more than other and that one thing has been glaringly evident and that is that God’s abundant grace has been profuse in my life.”